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About the Bel Air Corvette Club FAQs

Bel Air Corvette Club (BACC) is a member of the National Council of Corvette Clubs (NCCC) and is regularly ranked as one of the twenty largest NCCC clubs in the United States. BACC offers a variety of activities that should satisfy any Corvette owner. The first and foremost is competitive activities within the East Region of the National Council of Corvette Clubs (NCCC) - the primary purpose of BACC. If you want to experience your car's performance, as a member of NCCC, there are a number of performance related events within the region every year. If you like to admire Corvettes (or have others admire yours), there are a number of concours events within the region including some sponsored by BACC.

Next are the fellowship and social activities. BACC offers many activities that are social in nature from ice cream socials to Eat And Rides (an excuse to drive your Corvette to a restaurant and eat!).

If you feel it is time to give back to the community, BACC is involved in a number of activities to raise funds for recognized charities

In the past, the webmaster received countless pictures from members. The pictures required significant editing before they could be posted to the web site. Therefore, the time between the pictures being offered for posting and the time they were available was sometimes lengthy.

To streamline the process, all BACC members are now being invited to the BACC Facebook page Facebook - BACC which is a social media site only for BACC members. Access to this site is by invitation only! Once a member of the Facebook group, members can post pictures on this site directly without the need to pass the through a third party. This will provide access to photos more quickly than in the past. Also, the photographers get credit for their work!

If you would like to share your pictures with everyone, you can add pictures to the BACC Facebook site.
BACC believes the club is healthy when people join the club to participate in Corvette competitive activities. Therefore, candidates must participate in two NCCC sanctioned events and attend two BACC club meetings before they are eligible to be voted into the club. Additional information about club membership can be found on the Membership Requirements page.